5 Tips to Have the Best Summer Season

The unofficial start of summer heading is our way! The promise of warm weather and long days is a breath of fresh air after the harsh cold winter.

As the new season rolls in with it comes a rise in beach and poolside parties, BBQ’s, and other weekend get togethers. It can become an eating frenzy leaving you feeling guilty and full.

Don’t let the summer excitement keep you in fear of enjoying yourself this summer. Instead stick to these 5 tips when going to that event this summer

  1. Have a snack before you go: This is one of the biggest mistakes to make before going to an event. Even if there is going to be food flowing at the party. I always try to have a snack before hand so I am not ravenous upon entry. This way you won’t devour everything in sight.
  2. Drink in moderation: 1 drink can quickly turn into 3 and 4 and before you know it you are wrecked. Take your time in to sip on that drink and relish in it. I usually recommend clients to have only 1 or 2 drinks and get plenty of water especially if you are going to be outside. The worst combination is alcohol dehydration and the sun. Stay away from soda or other sugary mixers. Opt for a squeeze of orange, lemon or lime to flavor your drink.
  3. Pack on the protein: Look for dishes that have lean protein and use a lettuce wrap instead of a bun. Some foods will only make you more hungry: bread, pasta, potato chips, pretzels, etc. If you eat these have smaller portions and be sure to combine them with a protein (meat, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds).
  4. Bring Something: When in doubt I will bring something I know I can eat. Usually a veggie platter or some kind of appetizer. This way I can fill up on nutrients and not worry about eating too many foods that will not satisfy my hunger.
  5. Be Mindful and Intuitive: Listen to your body. If you have an issue with over eating be sure to stop and think about what you are doing. Eat slowly and enjoy your food. With every bite ask yourself, “How does it make you feel?” Listen for hunger cues. Leave room for what you want to try but also be mindful to know if you are too full to keep going.

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