Hot Gift Guide 2019 for Improved Wellness

Hot Gift Guide for the Holidays | Root Nutrition Education & Counseling

The latest gadgets and tech are considered to be a hot gift.  However, wellness is something that cannot be surpassed. This year give something that will improve lives and help make people feel better all year long. 

Do you have someone on your list who is into improving their wellness? Or are they someone you want to give a gift of health to help them feel better? Maybe they have a stressful life and just need a little relaxation.  So indulge the ones you love with some much-needed wellness gifts.

Hot Gift Ideas For Stress Relief

Essential Oil Diffusers for Your Home and Jewelry You Can Wear

Essential oils smell great without all the toxic chemicals in traditional air fresheners and perfumes. They are multi-purpose and can be used in different ways. In the home, at the office or on the go.

Diffusers for the Home

Hot Gift Essential Oil Diffusers for the Home | Root Nutrition Education & Counseling

Use a room diffuser to improve the smell and help relax the senses. Lavender, frankincense, and rose are known as calming oils. Doterra has this one for small spaces or you can get this on on Amazon.

Diffusers for the Office & On the Go

Want to have this calming smells on the go? Check out these car and jewelry diffusers. Amazon has some nice options that include a USB car charger, bracelets, and necklaces.

Portable Office and Car Diffuser with LED light

Hot Gift Inno Gear Car Diffuser | Root Nutrition Education & Counseling

Portable Car Humidifier, Essential Diffuser with USB Charger

Hot Gift Amazon Car Diffuser and Humidifer USB | Root Nutrition Education & Counseling
Driving can be a nightmare when you’re always stuck in traffic. Traffic is known to cause a stress response. This is a great gift for anyone who spends a lot of time in their car. Add a few drops of peppermint oil to freshen your car and lift your spirits. Get it on Amazon.

Wear Diffusers as Jewelry to Feel Stress-Free

Hot Gift Essential OIl Diffuser Jewelry | Root Nutrition Education & Counseling

You can make your own diffuser jewelry, but if you are strapped for time Amazon has a lot of nice options. Choose from beaded, leather, gold, or stainless steel bracelets. There are also diffuser necklaces with pendants in various shapes and sizes.

Looking for oils to go with these diffusers? Be sure to get a Certified therapeutic grade oil like Doterra.

Hot Gift Ideas for Improved Energy

Blue Light Therapy Lamps

Hot Gift Blue Light Therapy Lamps | Root Nutrition Education & Counseling

Do you know someone who suffers from low energy in the winter? The short days may be getting them down but don’t let the winter blues get the best of them. Instead of booking a vacation to the Caribbean use blue light therapy to pump up the energy. This UV free lamp will help to boost your energy. This lamp by Philips is highly rated. If you are looking for something that is in a lower price range the Miroco, and Verilux are two other highly rated options.

Give The Gift of Exercise with ClassPass

Hot Gift ClassPass Gift Card | Root Nutrition Education & Counseling

Exercise can help give you more energy. If someone is not sure what type of class they want to try. ClassPass is a great way to try out different exercises until they find something that is fun and exciting. Get a gift card for your loved one here.

Increase Water Intake with a Smart Water Bottle

Hidrate Water Bottle | Root Nutrition Education & Counseling

Our bodies are 90 percent water and if we don’t get enough it can affect our energy levels. This smart water bottle by Hidrate spark will track your water intake and glow when you need to drink more. Get it on Amazon.

Hot Gift Ideas For Relaxation and Anxiety Relief

Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles for Mindfulness | Root Nutrition Education & Counseling

This past year I have become a big fan of puzzles. Whenever I am stressed or struggling with concentration I would take a few minutes to work on a jigsaw puzzle. This has become a form of meditation for me.  It helps clear my mind and forgot what I was originally stressing about. The best part of this activity is when you are done you can hang up your completed work. Amazon has some good options, however, if jigsaw puzzles are not your thing you can try coloring or other puzzle books including Suduko or crossword puzzles as another option.

Foot Massager and Warmer

Med Massager | Root Nutrition Education & Counseling

Anyone with circulation issues can benefit from a foot massage. This high tech foot massager will help to stimulate circulation. A duo massager and foot warmer will also be beneficial for those who suffer from cold feet.

Himalayan Salt Lamp for Relaxation

Himalayan Salt Lamp | Root Nutrition Education & Counseling

Salt lamps are basically what their name says. A lamp made a large rock of Himalayan salt from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan. The lamp has a warm, amber glow and provides a nice atmosphere for peace and relaxation. Check out this on Amazon.

A Muse For Help with Meditation

Muse Meditation Headband | Root Nutrition Education & Counseling

Meditation is great for stress relief but some have found that it can be hard to get into. Guided meditation apps are a great start but if you want extra help check out MUSE: the Brain Sensing Headband. This gadget will make meditation easy by providing real brain activity. It will help to teach you to recognize a calm mind and help you get there. It features sounds of a beach or rainforest and will measure whether your mind is calm or active, and translate that data into session reviews. The device will also set goals and help you improve your meditation practice.

Hot Gift Ideas For Improved Sleep

Do you have trouble sleeping? While changes in nutrition can help to ease your insomnia. People do not realize their bedroom environment can be a problem. Here are some gifts that may help them get their ZZZ’s.

Sound Machine

Sleep Sound Machine | Root Nutrition Education & Counseling

Sometimes outside noise or loud neighbors can be distracting from letting us get the best sleep. Get a sound machine to help block out all the noise so you can get the rest you deserve. Check out this one from Amazon.

Weighted Blanket

Weighted Blanket | Root Nutrition Education & Counseling

If someone you know has a thyroid condition, suffers from anxiety, depression or just has trouble getting a good night’s rest they may benefit from a weighted blanket. Research shows these heavy blankets can help people get better sleep. Two studies showed positive sleep improvements among those suffering from anxiety and mental conditions after using a weighted blanket [R, R]. Check out this one on Amazon.

Heated Mattress Pad

Heated Mattress Pad | Root Nutrition Education & Counseling

Heated mattress pads are becoming a new item people are using to keep them warm on those cold winter nights. This is also a great gift for someone who feels cold all the time or has sore muscles and joints. Check out the top-rated pads. The chiliPAD Cube, Sunbeam (best value), OOLER Sleep System (best Luxury), Perfect Fit SoftHeat Electric Pad (best waterproof pad), and Electrowarmth (best dual-sided pad for couples).

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue Light Glasses | Root Nutrition Education & Counseling
The blue light emitted from electronics can decrease your melatonin putting you at risk for poor sleep. Using blue light blocking glasses can help improve your circadian rhythms and give you the rest you deserve [R]. Know someone who works on the computer a lot at night? These glasses will gift the gift of good rest. Get them on Amazon.
Get Some Vitamin D with this Energy Light Therapy Lamp

I hope these gift suggestions give you ideas on what to get for your friends and family this holiday season. Want more gift ideas? Check out my gift guide from last year.

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