Cure Your Hangover with Nutrients

Did you wind up drinking too much last night and are left with a massive hangover?

While you may be craving fried and greasy foods, what you really need to help heal your body is nutrients.

After boozing too much your body is in depletion of fiber, vitamins B and C along with minerals magnesium, and electrolytes like sodium and potassium.

Want to get back to feeling normal? Then eat these foods:

Kale – this nutrient rich veggie helps with replenishing your vitamin C levels which help detoxify your liver. It also replenishes your electrolytes, potassium and magnesium

Eggs- a good source of healthy fat and b vitamins that will help to replenish you body. Add some veggies and scramble to get extra fiber

Grass fed burger on romaine leaves – meets the fat craving without the refined carbohydrates of white bread

Ginger and peppermint – settles your stomach

Fermented foods like kimchee or bananas – help to add potassium and help with any post alcohol diarrhea

Bone broth will give you the missing electrolytes as well as the magnesium and potassium your body is lacking

Want a recipe to kick the hang over? Try my Green Immunity Smoothie Recipe Here!

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