Coconut Green Beans

The holidays can be stressful especially when you don’t know what you are having for dinner. This dish is a quick and easy one pot meal that will beat those holiday blues and put you at ease. Coconut is a great food to add to your diet this time of year when. It has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties and can help combat the physiological symptoms of stress. It can sooth your body by slowing down your heart rate and reducing blood pressure.

Most times you think that coconut would be added to dessert types of food but this week I experimented using it in a veggie dish. I use unsweetened flakes to prevent from getting any unnecessary sugar. Coconut provides a lot of nutrients. 1 cup serving has 1.79 mg of iron which will improve oxygen circulation to your cells. It also has zinc a needed mineral to help with immunity. This is a great time of year to add it to your dishes to keep you from getting sick. It also has a good amount of fiber with 4.2 grams in one cup. Try this treat tonight!

Coconut Green Beans
  1. Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  2. In a bowl toss the green beans with coconut oil then place in a baking dish
  3. Cover with the onions, and seasonings
  4. Then top with coconut flakes
  5. Cook for 25 minutes until slightly toasted and serve

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