The Root Misson


Root Nutrition Education & Counseling Services is dedicated to helping individuals achieve greater health and well-being by getting to the core of their unique health and nutrition lifestyle. This means we are committed to unraveling and understanding your personal metabolic make-up as well as your habits, challenges, and aspirations. We know that no two individuals are the same, and it is our commitment to provide each client we serve with a realistic and understandingly personalized approach to achieving better health.


We believe that every nutrition issue has a solution that is at the core of your body systems and that each person has unique challenges. Root offers solutions for nutrition issues by getting to the true source of the problem – This means less wasted time for you, and more success for all. By looking internally at metabolic factors and nutrient deficiencies, we have been able to help many reach their goals.

We offer various services and nutrition education in both personal and corporate settings, and we offer specialty services in helping busy women to reduce stress through improve nutrition

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