Meet Jeanette, Our Founder

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A Note From Jeanette


For as long as I can remember I have had a lack of fulfillment in my life. I was just going through the motions. I was working long hours in a job that I did not love, eating a poor diet of processed foods, and was not getting any exercise. I was constantly sick, felt tired, and was not having a positive attitude.

All of that changed when I was given two books for Christmas in 2011. One was entitled “Chill Out and Get Healthy: Live Clean to Be Strong and Stay Sexy” by Aimee Raupp, M.S. L.A.c. The other was Jack Canfield’s “Key to Living the Law of Attraction: A Simple Guide to Creating the Life of Your Dreams.”

Reading these books opened my eyes and changed my outlook on life. I was aware of what misconceptions I had about diet and realized I was the one who had the power to change my life.

What I thought was healthy in reality was not what I needed in order to live a fully clean lifestyle. Learning to limit my intake of certain foods, exercise daily, and get enough sleep made a vast improvement in my body. I was stronger and healthier than I had ever felt before in my life.

Intrigued and excited by my transformation, I went on to research more and more about health and wellness. On a daily basis, I scoured the internet for information and looked to various books for tips and advice. I read everything from what foods to eat for optimal health to supplements and natural remedies to help delay the aging process and keep you in shape. Nutrition had become my greatest hobby.

Researching food was something that I greatly enjoy. This topic fascinates me and I get excited talking about it. I also love exploring scientific and metabolic processes. How our bodies break down nutrients and why some foods are better for you than others.

Nutrition is something of which I just cannot get enough. It brought a sense of delight and enthusiasm which I never before experienced. I knew I was passionate about this subject and it would be something that would motivate and challenge me.

So in 2012, I decided to take my love for this field and pursue a career to become a Registered Dietitian. It was a grueling three years, but I enjoyed everything I have learned and am excited to share my knowledge of nutrition with all of you.

Having this personal experience and coming from a corporate environment, I understand the burden of working long hours and trying to maintain wellness.

The focus of my practice is relieving stress through nutrition by correcting nutrient deficiencies that are often a result of the physical toll that stress takes on the body.

I will work with clients to improve nutrition even with a busy schedule. I truly believe that taking control of your diet will change your life. It has happened to me and I want to help others make it happen for them. Giving people the knowledge to make better food choices, in turn, will give them a healthier existence and a new lease on life.

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